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Thursday, November 24, 2011

A quiet moment

I am pausing for a moment to write my thoughts. Today is technically Thanksgiving although I celebrated with my parents and relatives last night. I am writing this note while sitting in blow up chair next to the window (yes my blow up chair I've had since I was a teenager). I have been studying and writing a paper that I have spent countless hours on, but still am pushing to finish it for the Monday deadline. I glanced out the window as the sun broke through the clouds and shown through the window on me. I feel a warmth and love and gratitude for my God. I saw small chickadees playing in the bare branched trees. I typically, don't find a lot of beauty in bare tree branches, but somehow it was a very beautiful moment. Perhaps it was a reminder. A reminder of the sweetness amidst whatever bareness we may have in life. I realized last night as I spent time with my parents how much I miss them. Not only that, but my whole family. I am surrounded by wonderful family relatives, but I miss my siblings. School has limited my opportunities to see them as much as I normally would. But more than anything on this Thanksgiving or last night I felt a gratitude for them. As I laid down to sleep I found myself saying things to my Heavenly Father such as this, I love thee for my wonderful family I love thee for the opportunities I have to see them I love thee when I see the beautiful mountains I love thee on beautiful sunny morning I love thee at night when city light decorate my window. I love thee for the stars that wink from afar I love thee even for the darkest and hardest nights or the warmest happiest days My thoughts are on Thanks to God. However, my thoughts look much better in my head than I ever find they look written down. A few of my favorite moments this week are individual times with people. I love people. One of my all time favorite was last night when after telling my dad that I learned how to do stitches, but that I need to practice them... He responded, "Well lets practice." I grabbed some string and my granmother's candy dish to tie the string to. My dad then taught and reminded me over and over again how to correctly do different stitches. I learned the one handed version, which I hadn't learned in class. It was fun to spend time with my dad. I loved time with cousins laughing, which reminded me of so many memories we had together. I my cousin teaching me about the guitar and seeing his excitement for it. I loved hearing the excitement of a new friend earlier this week as told of his traveling adventures. I loved brief time with an old friend reporting back on his Florida trip. I am grateful for the many great people in my life and for wonderful blessing I have to learn.

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